Cryptocurrency SeriesBitcoin has been extensively discussed in various papers and blogs, providing a wealth of information and insights, most of them well worth a read. The Bitcoin Community Wiki and Wikipedia are both great websites to reference for beginners and experts, providing an incredible amount of detail with many links to crypto-currency concepts.

So is there a need to go over this again?

Maybe there is a need for a ‘back-to-basics’ discussion, going deeper and gain clarity when and where needed. This series of crypto-currency posts will systematically give an overview of Bitcoin to gain an understanding of the concepts and operations, starting with an introductory overview (in the first few posts) before exploring the possible impact, advantages or disadvantages and disruption it will cause.

Time and time again we will come back to the original Bitcoin research paper1Bitcoin – A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System (, highlighting various concepts that will be further discussed.

*NOTE: In this series of posts, ‘bitcoin’ (lowercase) refers to ‘the cash’ (unit of account), while ‘Bitcoin’ refers to ‘the (network) System’. Some external articles do not make that distinction, like Wikipedia and WSJ.

Table of Post Contents

The first post will be an introduction of Bitcoin and touch on a few crypto-currency concepts and how it relates to the financial system in general.

And remember: ‘Ignorance is no excuse‘ – act financially responsible.

  1. Introduction to Cryptographic Currencies
  2. Bitcoin and Money
  3. . . .


1Bitcoin – A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System (